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New丨Yuliang ‘DHF’ series high cup waterproof 4040 SMD LED lamp beads

There are countless high-rise pavilions that have been built. These combine the designer's ideas and the unique architecture. The high-rise buildings are laborious or parasitic. The daytime shape is high-end, but at night. Indispensable for the artistic atmosphere and the addition of charm. Therefore, the exploration of the artistic charm of architecture becomes more challenging and requires more manpower and material resources.

In order to meet the design requirements of the building and other decoration, Yuliang specially launched the ‘DHF’ series 4040 SMD LED lamp beads! Provide a choice for shaping the architectural art atmosphere and enhancing the city's charm.
Yuliang ‘DHF’ series 4040 is a high-cup waterproof LED, which solves the problems of poor color consistency and low brightness, and is widely used in outdoor lamps and other products.
4040 2.6H白光.jpg4040 2.6Hrgb.jpg
Product parameters
Product features
high-cup waterproof
The high bracket is more conducive to glue filling, the light mixing effect is better, the surface is blackened, the light of the LED can be made more pure, and the overall beauty is not destroyed after the LED light is extinguished during the day.
The surface waterproof design is suitable for outdoor lighting decoration, which helps to upgrade the waterproof function of outdoor LED decoration and extend the product life.
Anti-vulcanization design helps to reduce the serious decline of luminous flux, dead lights and other issues,improves product reliability systematically (known to all, the anti-vulcanization ability of the product itself is also relative, which requires the user to pay attention to sulfur protection in daily production activities, taking appropriate action measures helps the product function and user measures complement each other)
Good heat dissipation
The good heat dissipation of 4040 LED is more conducive to increasing the quality and longevity of outdoor LED decoration. 
Product comparison
‘DHF’ series 4040 and 3535 LED
‘DHF’ series 4040 and 5050 RGB LED
Application field
Can be applied to outdoor high-end venues such as amusement parks, stages, buildings, etc.
The stage-lights complement the stage art, and the perfect lighting can add color to the stage, ensuring the integrity of the stage art design.
Amusement parks-different lights create different themes, and the beautiful and appropriate lighting atmosphere can create a light feast for tourists.
Outdoor architecture-whether it is a modern or traditional building, it is even more beautiful with the light!
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