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Happy Birthday |Yuliang Electric May staff birthday party


When I was a child

Birthdays are family happiness
Mom and dad, cake candles
In the school
Birthdays are parties between classmates
Let's have a toast
In the work
Birthdays are a happy occasion for colleagues
Laughter is a joy

In order to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise team, enhance the friendship between employees, promote the construction of the company's corporate culture. On the evening of May 20th, the company arranged a warm and unique birthday party for the employees whose birthdays were in May, which gave them a sense of happiness and added color to the company's corporate culture.

1. Preparation
prepare for the birthday party prepare for the birthday party3
prepare for the birthday party4 prepare for the birthday party5

2. The party begins
Attention, everyone
Attention, everyone
A wave of images came in
prepare for the birthday party
birthday party
prepare for the birthday party
3. Solo performance
perform a song

4. Games

Four little squares
Put it all together
The winner chooses punishment for the loser

Introducing the game rules

introducing the game rules

Start Game
start game

Game in progress
game in progress

Punishment: Writing with pen in mouth
writing with pen in mouth
Game interaction, break barriers, close the distance between colleagues, let everyone feel warm and harmonious atmosphere. Every happy smiling face, the pressure in the work are released, let us relax in the world of the game, feel happy

5. Cut the cake

"Cake" symbolizes a united collective, a shining candle symbolizes a beating heart; Heart because of collective and wonderful, collective because of the heart and proud. We sang birthday songs together, blew candles together, cut the cake, in the laughter of every cake to share with everyone, to share happiness to every colleague.

Light a cake candle
light a cake candle
We cut the cake together
cut the cake together

True love turns into rain
Little things make no noise
A little truth reveals a little truth
Gift is light and affection is heavy

Though simple in form,
But the company does not treat every employee
Care and blessings
Say it honestly

In the future
I hope we are
Yuliang electric family
Hand in hand together
All peer