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2022 Yuliang Optoelectronics the third office skills competition review


May quietly came, may one long tail followed. The chilly autumn wind and the drizzle disrupted the holiday plans. Inadvertently, we have not had a good play, the holiday has ended, looking back between, still indulge in the holiday.

Today is the second week of May, resuming normal work, work. Under the influence of the environment, drizzle, let the temperature around gradually reduced, things around slowly become quiet down; To this end, our company in order to create a good atmosphere, enrich the spare time between colleagues, enhance the work of energy, hereby hold the office skills competition!
[May 12th to May 13th, Typing Competition of Logistics Group and Business Group, Excel Form competition of Logistics Group and PowerPoint Skill Competition of Business Group]

Match arrangement
2022.05.12 Logistics and Business Group Typing Competition
2022.05.12 Logistics Group Excel form competition
2022.05.13 PowerPoint Skills Competition for Business Group

pre-game group photo
Pre-game group photo

Activity start

Ⅰ. Explanation of typing Contest Rules:
1, the computer typing competition will be in the form of individual PK competition, the more typing in the specified time, the higher accuracy will win.
2. The participants are divided into 5 groups and compete in sequence. There are: logistics 1 group, logistics 2 group, logistics 3 group, salesman 1 group, salesman 2 group.
3, before the competition, participants have 1 minute to prepare, and can choose seats at will, but can not use their own computers.
4. Use Word to edit documents and type. Participants can choose the input method they are good at.
5. Check the competition documents on site, and the invigilator will distribute the competition contents uniformly after the inspection.
6, the competition time is 1 minute, the participants type the same article, the word count of the article is 100 words, within 1 minute the most correct number of typing wins. (1 point for each correct word, the full mark is 100. For every typo, 0.5 points will be deducted.

The competition is still in the preparation stage, the participants excited hearts, trembling hands have been hot, let us wait and see.
As the signal of the competition was sent out, the contestants started a fierce typing chase. The office was filled with the tense atmosphere and the sound of keyboard tapping. Each participant held his breath and concentrated on the competition, staring closely at the competition files and computer screens to finish the competition carefully.
logistics group
logistics group2
logistics group3
logistics group4

The typing contest looked easy, but in fact everyone was very nervous! The trembling hands were both funny and heartbreaking.

Ⅱ. Competition Rules of Excel form for Logistics Group:
1. The Excel form competition will be conducted in the form of individual PK. Complete the competition questions within the specified time, and score comprehensively according to the answer time and the correct rate of the answers.
2. Before the competition, the questions will be stored on the competition computer. After the competition starts, the participants will open the questions and finish them by themselves.
excel competition
excel competition2
excel competition3

As the competition continued, every participant examined and answered the questions carefully and showed his/her understanding, operation and application of Excel through thinking. Through function combination, replacement, formula utilization, chart design, content adjustment and other knowledge, quickly complete the competition questions.

Ⅲ. Rules of PowerPoint Skill Competition for Business Group:
1, PowerPoint design process of original design, do not apply exquisite templates. If the template is used, the judge will not give marks or, if appropriate, will give them.
2. According to the type of light source for outdoor lighting, car lighting and decorative lighting, select one LED product of the company for PowerPoint design.
3. Participants shall complete the PowerPoint design within the specified time, and score the PowerPoint according to the completion of the PowerPoint.
powerpoint skill competition
business group
powerpoint skill competition business group

During the competition, each participant carefully selected his favorite products, selected exquisite photos, and carefully designed each PowerPoint page. The exquisite design shows the simplicity and generosity of PowerPoint, reasonable color collocation, complete structure and strong appeal.
As time went by, the PowerPoint competition was over, and every participant was still happy.
In the laughter, the activity came to an end, the end of the PowerPoint competition, also represents the end of the entire office skills competition.
The excellent hand-typing competition, Excel form competition of thinking and skills, and PowerPoint design competition of creativity and style fully demonstrated the excellent skills of each of our colleagues.

The winner of the competition
Logistics Group: Zehong Jiang 
Business Group: Lijuan Li 
the winner of the competition

After two busy days, the activity came to a successful end. Congratulations to the two winners, and thanks to everyone present for their active cooperation, including the event planners, supervisors, and the mobile team who took photos and records. Thanks to everyone for their cooperation, which added vitality to the office and made our lives more colorful.