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Stable! 3528 car series LED SMD lamp beads - create beautiful, stable and excellent

 In automotive applications, LEDs are mainly used for external lighting and interior lighting. External lighting is mainly used for running lights, turn signals, taillights, etc.; because of the energy saving, long life, small size, fast response, etc. The advantages are used to create a comfortable environment inside the car; and the illumination of the instrument backlight for displaying "information" further increases the application of the LED.


In addition, the use of LED lighting can also drive changes in automotive design and lighting design. Although LED lighting has not been widely used in the automotive industry, the momentum of becoming a major force has never been extinguished. There are a lot of Yuliang's LED light source series for cars. Today, we will continue to introduce two of them, 3528 bi-color and 3528 lamp beads.

Chip source
The chip used in the 3528 dual color is a chip from Taiwan Epistar, which can be replaced by other chip brands (such as Cree, Osram, etc.) for customers who have other requirements!
Product parameters
Product features
Color diversity
3528 bi-color optional diversity, red and white, yellow and white, red and yellow, red and blue, red and green, etc. can also be customized.
The moisture-proof design helps to reduce the problem of vulcanization and dead lights.

Reduce the serious decline of luminous flux, dead lights and other problems; systematically promote product stability (of course, the user side also needs to pay attention to sulfur protection in daily production activities, taking appropriate measures is essential)
Anti-death lamp
Years of experience have made Yuliang more careful in the packaging production process, and the anti-static measures are in place (whether we or the user's manufacturing process need to do static electricity measures), so the characteristics of our product anti-dead lights can be trusted.
Good heat dissipation
Heat dissipation is related to product quality and LED service life. If the temperature rises, but the heat dissipation is slow, this may lead to problems such as increased light decay and shortened life. Therefore, the good heat dissipation of the 3528 bi-color is conducive to stabilizing the quality and life of the automotive LED.
Low light decay
The higher the junction temperature, the earlier the light decay, that is, the shorter the life expectancy; therefore, to maintain the life first, the junction temperature should be lowered, and the 3528 bi-color lamp bead is good in heat dissipation, which is conducive to cooling, so the light decay occurs later, the relative life It may be longer.
The same size, different characteristics
Chip source
The 3528 packaged chips come from Taiwan Epistar and Osram. For customers with additional requirements, they can also be replaced by other chips (such as CREE)!
Product parameters

Product features
Low power
The power consumption is small, the luminous efficiency is not low, and the quality is stable.
High brightness
The light effect is good, and the low power can also have high brightness; the influence of bad weather such as rain, fog and haze on the driving line of sight is weakened.
Low impedance
The lower impedance LED has a faster response speed than the xenon lamp and the halogen lamp, ensuring stable driving.
Application field
Brake light
High brightness, fast response, giving the rear car a relatively long reminder time.
Turn signal
3528 bi-color low light decay, good heat dissipation; 3528 stable, high brightness is suitable for signal lights which vehicles more frequently use.

The corresponding chromatic requirements of the lights correspond to the requirements of the light distribution performance.
Interior lighting (3528 bi-color)
3528 bi-color lamp beads are also used in interior lighting, including door lights, interior reading lights, ambient lights and luggage compartment lights.

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