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Enter the automotive lighting market? You need to know ahead of time these manufacturers actions

In the LED Red Sea era, many companies have begun to distract themselves and seek out alternatives. In addition to the research and development of intelligent lighting, some lighting segments have also received more attention, including medical lighting, plant lighting, and recently everyone is talking about Car lighting.


Before preparing to enter the automotive lighting market, we must first understand that in the past half of 2017, everyone has done in the field of automotive lighting?


1. Dalian Dajiajia launches automotive LED headlight solutions based on Infineon products

On August 11th, 2017, UPG Holdings announced that its new product, LED-based headlamp solutions based on Infineon's next-generation driver IC, the LITIX Power Flex TLD5541-1QV, was announced.

LITIX Power Flex is a series of high-power LED drivers designed by Infineon for automotive headlights. These devices provide a flexible DC/DC drive solution for designing LED systems up to 50 W or even higher. The device's application design is flexible, including a voltage string of up to 55 V, a string of lights made up of many medium-power LEDs, or a lighting device made up of a small number of LEDs with currents up to 3 A and even higher.


2, Osram LED headlight system "Dawn" shocked listing

In the past few years, automotive LED lighting has been used in applications such as taillights, brake lights, interior lighting, instrument panels, etc. Nowadays, with the development of automotive lighting technology, many models have even been equipped with LED headlights. The mass production market, which also means that the LED car lighting market is entering a new development cycle. On July 28th, OSRAM, a leading global automotive lighting brand, announced that its new LED headlight, the Osram LED headlight system, was officially released.

The dawn of the OSRAM LED headlight system can avoid accidents that may be missed in the full start-up or switching of the headlights in just 2-3 seconds, especially for nighttime urban complex road conditions.
In addition to innovations in the design of unbuffered zero delay, the dawn of the OSRAM LED headlamp system also implements the requirements of clearer, clearer, higher beam than the light. The color temperature of the OSRAM LED headlight system is 6,000K. The stylish and cool white light has high eye recognition and is less prone to eye strain.
3, Career & Easystar successfully released a new generation of automotive lighting market LED lamps
In order to fully promote the LED lighting industry reform and expand the automotive lighting market cooperation, Shanghai Career Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd. and the domestic famous LED lamp company Zhongshan Yishida Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd./Shenzhen Yishida Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in 2017 China Auto During the Lighting Terminal Business Trend Forum, a new product launch was successfully held and a cooperation agreement was signed.
Heat dissipation is a problem that needs to be focused and overcome in the design of LED lights. Cree's ceramic-based high-power LED achieves better heat dissipation and lays a good foundation for car lights to maintain their ideal working conditions at high temperatures. The easy-to-develop high-heat-conducting aviation aluminum 8-layer fin circulating cooling system further enhances the heat dissipation capability, thereby reducing the light failure of LED lights, enhancing the reliability of LED lights and extending the life of LED lights. .
Easystar's new LED headlights also solve the problem that individual lampshades are difficult to install due to the narrow space. The new generation of LED based on Cree's innovative technology platform, smaller package size, while its lumen density can be 4 times higher than the existing high-power LED. This advantage can help lighting manufacturers develop smaller, higher-performance lighting systems, while at the same time offering innovative design possibilities for space-constrained lighting applications.
4, OSRAM plans to set up a joint venture with the mainland to establish automotive lighting companies
Wirtschaftswoche said that an anonymous source disclosed that German automotive suppliers Continental and OSRAM are planning to set up a joint venture to develop and produce automotive lighting products.
The weekly published ahead of schedule news that should have been released on Friday, OSRAM hopes to transfer part of its automotive lighting business to a joint venture, and Continental Europe will introduce electronic control system technology.
It is reported that this joint venture is expected to be officially launched early next year, plans to employ 1,500 employees, both companies will transfer 200 million to 300 million euros of business to the new company.
Previously, the mainland and OSRAM both stated that the two sides had conducted negotiations on the establishment of a joint venture company, but had not yet reached any commercial cooperation terms.
5. Longda Electronics and Zhengao Electronics sign a strategic cooperation agreement
On July 15th, 2017, at the AAITF Shenzhen Autumn Fair - "The Summit of Lights" China Auto Lighting Forum, Longda Electronics and Zhengao Electronics signed a strategic cooperation agreement on site.
In the next ten months, Lunda Electronics will provide CORE series of products not less than 2KK to Zhengao Electronics. In addition, Lunda Electronics will launch a component specifically designed for LED lamp light source products in the third quarter. Efficiency (lm/W), luminance per unit area (lm/Area), heat resistance performance are all higher than those of commercially available products, and will be given priority to Zhengao Electronics in the future.
Longda Electronics will cooperate with Zhengao Electronics in the future to create a new era of automotive lighting, push the brand development to a new height and wholeheartedly bring high-quality lighting experience to the owners.
6, energy-saving + heat dissipation, Toyota synthesis R & D's first headlight LED
On July 18, 2017, according to foreign media reports, Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. developed its first headlamp light-emitting diode (LED). According to its internal test assessment, the brightness and low energy consumption of these LEDs have reached world-class levels.
Toyota Synthetics adopted the blue LED crystal growth technology, which has been developed for many years and has improved the crystal structure of gallium nitride (GaN) within the LED light source. In addition, Toyota synthesis also uses a flip-chip technology, which has a good heat dissipation effect. The brightness of these headlight LEDs can reach 2300 lm and can be used in bi-functional systems, which can generate low and high beams from a single light source.
Headlights using such LEDs can help reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, and are expected to be widely used in the future. They are environmentally friendly products. In order to meet user needs, Toyota Synthetic will continue to develop various types of headlamp LED light sources.
7, the output value of over 2 billion yuan! The new automotive lighting plant of the world's top 500 companies is put into production
After intense preparation for 19 months, on the 20th, the new factory of automotive lighting systems owned by the world’s top 500 companies, the Marelli Group, was put into operation in Changchun Economic Development Zone. The total investment of this Marelli high-end automotive lamp project is 1 billion yuan, and the estimated annual production value is 2 billion yuan. the above.
The new plant is located in the Emerging Industrial Park in the Economic Development Zone of Changchun City, the provincial capital of Jilin province in northeastern China, and covers an area of ??30,000 square meters, of which 17,000 square meters are used to produce LED headlights and taillights.
The establishment of a new factory in China specializing in the production of automotive lighting products is due to the growing demand for LED lighting systems from FAW-Volkswagen, BMW and other OEMs. The new plant is expected to produce approximately 1 million headlights and 500,000 taillights per year in 2019. At present, the factory has 100 employees. If the maximum production capacity is reached, the number of employees will reach 800.
8, Dawning Releases China's Thinnest Flexible OLED Car Light Sample
June 27, 2017 reported that in recent days, Dawning has brought everyone a new eye-catching work - a new flexible OLED car light screen body. The thickness of the flexible screen is only 0.1mm, more than half the thickness of the blue train ticket, weighs less than 1 gram, and the luminous area is about 13cm2. It is the thinnest and lightest OLED car light screen known in the country and not only realized. The bending is very good, and the uniformity of the screen has reached a new height.
The design and performance of the headlights plays an increasingly important role in the design of the entire car and also affects the driving experience. The application of OLED lighting technology has become a very important differentiating factor in the competitive landscape of the automotive industry. The breakthrough of the flexible OLED technology means that the lights can be made into a variety of shapes or indication patterns, which can fit the car's curved surface shape, not only enriching the existing design forms, but also customizing the lights and even the entire lights. The lighting field brings a variety of innovative solutions.
9, billion light into the ADB matrix intelligent headlamps, LED headlights toward intelligent
April 21, 2017 News: With the Daimler Group, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, introducing the ADB matrix intelligent headlamps since 2017, the automotive electronics industry has driven a new wave of application trends. After the company's Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer, Yiguang, put into production and obtained certification at the Miaoli Copper-Ceramic Plant, it recently released its new ADB Matrix Intelligent Headlamp Module for the first time.
The headlight module is composed of 24 LEDs. It is pointed out that there are currently specific cooperation customers and it is expected that the revenue contribution will be expected to be generated from 2018 to 2019 at the earliest.
Cars on the road will encounter a variety of conditions. Among them, due to the unexpected increase in the number of accidents caused by headlamp glare, Everlight has introduced the latest ADB matrix intelligent LED headlamps, which are automatically detected by the CCD. , And automatically turn off the light source in the area, to avoid the risk that the driver of the car has been disturbed by the far light line of the incoming vehicle. ABD matrix intelligent LED headlamps are made of 24 2.0mmx1.6mm LEDs. This single LED can provide 190lm brightness at 700mA operating current. With smart control, brightness and darkness can be individually adjusted. Reach 1024 grayscale changes.
In addition, Yiguang further incorporates fish-eye lenses, control modules, and special row-shaped light-guiding columns. It also incorporates a reliable CCD detection system to flexibly adjust the light source blocks to be more accurate in identification and illumination. This product complies with ECER112classBDrivingBeam regulations and is jointly designed and developed with major OE (original) depots.
10, optimistic about the Chinese automotive lighting market Hella-Hainagawa new plant
April 20, 2017 Shanghai Auto Show: Hella, a specialist in automotive lighting and electronic products, and Haila-Heinagawa Lights Co., Ltd., a joint venture company jointly established by Beijing Hainachuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Industry Group Corporation, Tianjin Wuqing (Wuqing: near Tianjin) has established a new factory to further expand its production capacity. The new plant is scheduled to begin production in October 2017. The joint venture company mainly provides services to Beijing Automotive Group's customers, including Beijing Benz, Beijing Automotive, and other Chinese automobile manufacturers.
In the initial stage, the new factory covers an area of ??about 12,000 square meters, and can produce 1.2 million headlamps each year, providing about 250 jobs. In the medium term, the factory's modular design can expand the production space by a factor of three and produce a variety of lighting products.
In addition to its production for the Chinese market, Hella-Heinechuan Auto Lamps Co., Ltd. has a development team of over 150 engineers who develop and introduce unique lighting products in the fields of headlights, taillights, small lamps and interior lighting. .
11. Qideng signed Dongfeng South into its designated brand of lights
February 08, 2017 news, OLEDONE flag board announced recently, officially won the Dongfeng South Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng South") LED auto lighting assembly business, become "Dongfeng South designated lamp brand." In this bidding, Qi Deng has been deeply defeated by dozens of competitors through three rounds of competitions, bid evaluations and numerous rigorous tests based on more than 10 years of experience in LED automotive lighting. Dongfeng South officially reached strategic cooperation.
As is known to all, Dongfeng South is Dongfeng Nissan's largest distributor group, which owns 116 auto 4S stores and serves more than 1 million customers. For this cooperation, Dongfeng South stated that on the one hand, it is a leading technology that is popular among the common light type, heat dissipation, and anti-light degradation performance of LED headlights. On the other hand, the flagship products have powerful capabilities. The model coverage ability is also convincing to them. It can be adapted to many auto brands under the group of Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Dongfeng Infiniti and other groups; at the same time, the OLEDONE flag has been for more than ten years. The solid "vehicle level" R & D strength in the field of LED automotive lighting and the long-term users and reputation accumulated in the domestic and overseas markets have also infused strong confidence in the selection of Dongfeng South.
Of course, in addition to these new developments in lighting companies, the lamp factory Audi is not to be outdone. On July 13, 2017, the media reported that the headlights of the new Audi A8 are divided into three types according to the different configurations, from low to high, respectively. Headlights, matrix LED headlights and laser headlights.
The top-matched laser headlamps themselves have higher brightness than LEDs, and the illumination range is twice that of LEDs. This time, the matrix laser headlights can display images on the road like a projector, or they can emit light bands to the front and mark the width of the car body. It provides good help for quickly judging whether the body can pass through the narrow road.
The article was sourced from the Internet and published by Shenzhen Yu Liang Optoelectronics.
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