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[Car lighting] LED lamp market prospects and installation process using the details

   Humankind's pursuit of perfection is endless, and it is the same in automobiles. In the more than one hundred years of history in the invention of automobiles, humankind has also made great achievements in other aspects of automobiles in addition to pursuing faster driving speeds. Such as automotive lighting equipment - lights.


I. Illustration of Automotive LED Light Industry Chain

  Third, the classification of car lights
Lighting: headlights, fog lights, reversing lights, license plate lights, ceiling lights, instrument lights, step lights, trunk lights, tool lights and so on.
Signal light: position light, brake light, turn signal light, rear fog light, position light, etc.
Fourth, car light production process diagram

V. LED Light Market Scale

  China's car light market continues to grow
 The lamp design involves the application of optical design, new materials, new technologies, and new processes, and in particular, the headlights always lead the development of car light sources and electronic technologies. The key components of the lamp are the stable, durable and low energy consumption light source. The characteristics of the light source are the basis for the design of the lamp.
In addition, the electronic module is also a key component of the lamp, which accounts for an increasing proportion of the value of the lamp. In 2015, the sales of automotive headlamps exceeded 40 million for the first time, and the market scale exceeded 43 billion yuan. It is expected that the market size will continue to grow in the next few years, and domestic alternatives will have a large space.
How to choose Xenon headlamps and LED headlights
Xenon headlights
Xenon lamp is abbreviated as HID and refers to high pressure gas discharge lamp. The xenon lamp is a heavy metal lamp. It is filled with various chemical gases such as helium and other inert gases in a UV-resistant quartz glass tube, and then the 12 volt power supply on the vehicle is instantly increased to 23,000 volts through a supercharger. Under high voltage, xenon gas It will be ionized and produce a light source between the two poles of the power supply.
1. Presents blue-white light, which significantly improves the road sign and signage brightness compared to halogen headlamps.
2. Compared with halogen headlamps, it improves the brightness efficiency by three times and provides clearer driving sight at night.
3. Halogen headlamps consume more than 60W of electricity, while helium only needs 35W.
4. Helium has no filament structure, and its service life will be much stronger than halogen headlights.
5. In the event of a malfunction during use, helium, etc. will not instantly extinguish, but will gradually darken until extinguished.
1. Condensation is poor, and because it is too bright, it is easy to shake the driver of the opposite vehicle and cause an accident.
2. The penetrating power is poor, and the penetrating power of xenon headlamps is very weak in heavy fog and snow and ice.
3. Delay effect. Because of the working principle of xenon headlights, it takes 2-4 seconds to light it.
LED headlight
1. Energy saving and environmental protection: LED lamp consumes 1/20 of halogen lamp
2. Low cost and long life: The lifetime of LED lamps of well-known manufacturers can reach 100,000 hours, which means that basically your car can't move, it's still on.
3. High brightness: The brightness is much higher than that of a halogen lamp. The warning light used as a brake light has no pressure. (strong penetration)
4. Low-voltage safety: The first LED used for electronic originals only need 12V DC voltage to light up, no longer worry about more than 20,000 helium voltage.
5. Light up instantly: It is no longer necessary for the xenon lamp to "brighten up again" and use it with the point.
6. The small size of a single LED: This is a designer's favorite, you can spell into a variety of like, lamp manufacturers love!
1. The problem of heat dissipation will greatly reduce the life if the heat is not good.
2. The power saving of low-end LED lights is still lower than that of energy-saving lamps.
3. The initial purchase cost is high.
4. Due to the strong directionality of the LED light source, the lamp design needs to consider the special optical characteristics of the LED.
Seven, LED lights installation diagram
1, remove the original car tank tube screws, and slowly unscrew it, remove the original car halogen bulb
  2,Take out LED headlights
  3. Install the LED headlight into the hole of the original vehicle, and turn it clockwise.
 4, the LED headlight power input jack is connected to the original car power cord
  5, test light, mounted on the left side of the LED headlights, the light brightness increased significantly, and the light is soft, not as dazzling as xenon lights.
  6, the left side of the driver's seat is also the same as the right replacement installation, the following is the effect of the replacement.
  Eighth: The video teaches you how to install simply

 Nine, LED lights lamp beads manufacturers
Yuliang Optoelectronics has obtained the license for the use of CREE chips, and has used large quantities of Taiwan wafer chip packages. It has the world's leading fully automatic LED packaging line and is the first to use LED chip "waterproofing technology" to realize batch encapsulation of LED piranhas beads. Headlight beads are widely used in the field of LED lights.