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New arrival YL2208 | Yuliang optoelectronic EMC 3030 RGB SMD LED



Landscape lighting has always been an important part of characteristic cities and characteristic buildings. With the rapid development of LED lighting projects, demand problems are increasing. As the saying goes, the customer's problems are our problems; in order to meet the customer's needs, our engineers develop, research and test day after day before a new product is developed.


Shenzhen Yuliang Optoelectronic--founded in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise with innovative spirit, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of high-end LED semiconductor devices. Recently launched a new product EMC-3030 RGB SMD LED, which can be widely used in smart lamps, outdoor wall washer lamps, flood light lamps and other fields. At present, the product testing is under good condition, and it can be customized, mass-produced and provided with samples.





New arrival EMC 3030 RGB



Recently, a new product EMC-3030RGB patch lamp bead was introduced, which can be widely used in intelligent lamps, outdoor wall washing lamps, projection lamps and other fields. At present, the product test is correct and can be customized, mass produced and provided with product samples.


Compared with the traditional outdoor landscape lighting on the market, Yuliang Optoelectronic EMC 3030 RGB SMD LED, small and medium power 1.5W, adopt EMC package design, with "high temperature resistance, small size, thin thickness, high light output efficiency" and other product features, mainly used in outdoor lighting and smart home. (other specifications can be customized)


EMC3030RGB,Small size, thin thickness, high cost performance





一、small volume


The 3030 rgb smd led is small in size, and in small or special types of lamps, the 3030 rgb smd led is convenient to be applied to products, such as smart lamps.


Small size, three in one


二、Thin thickness, high light output efficiency


Thickness: 0.6mm,small and exquisite package design

Luminous flux (lm)/brightness (mcd): R: 20-30lm/R: 620-630nm (for detailed product parameters, please contact us!)


Thin thickness, high light efficiency


三、High temperature resistance, long lasting

EMC bracket design, strong fluidity, high temperature aging resistance;

High temperature and high humidity aging test: under the condition of IF=3*150mA current, 500 hours, the 3030 rgb smd leds is in good condition.


High temperature resistance, long lasting


Product specification parameters 






Application areas,Smart lighting, outdoor wall washer, flood



Excellent brand in LED packaging market segment


Shenzhen Yuliang Optoelectronics, well-known brands: CREE, EPISTAR chip package 5050 RGBW SMD LED, 3528 dome lens smd led, 6065 rgbww 5-in-1 smd led, 2735 smd led, 3014 side emitting smd led and piranha leds. Products can be used in: outdoor LED pixel dot, automotive LED , decorative LED , 3C indicator lights and traffic lights and other fields.