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Yuliang Opt LED staff outing activities -A journey looking for the initial heart

 After growing up, the heavy burden of life also falls on our shoulders slowly. The youth who once lived passionately realized

his dream in work!People in today's society are operating like machines!I have forgotten when I began to grow up into a social

person, when I also forgot to go to the countryside and nature, and I have forgotten the image of our passionate struggle

for freedom and striving upward!

Therefore, the company organized a "release oneself, return to the nature" blooming tour, the purpose is to let us

all staff of company to regain the original heart, forge a better self and   create their own glory with the friends

in YuLiang Optoeletronic Technology Co.,Ltd in this journey!

In the early morning sun of Saturday, July 28, 2018,

we set out to "win the glory of autumn and fly straight down the dangerous bay."- Qingyuan.


Along the way, our commentary Shared his travel experience and matters needing attention in Qingyuan,

and reminded us not to push too hard when "releasing ourselves"!


When got the destination, the sun is shining, green mountains with green water, a smiling group to live up to the good spring!


Next, give it a good shot!The jungle is raging!High glass bridge!Scream the horn!90 degree slide!


The jungle riptide sometimes big and sometimes small impact, one after another drifting channel,

also that the visual experience without the tail can make people scream unceasingly!


Every time we reach a buffer point, we free our hands and throw water in pairs to our friends.

Even if there are other tourists like us, no matter we know each other or don't know each other, we will meet each other as drifters.

Everyone's enthusiasm is like this glittering and translucent beads of water overflowing the screen!


High altitude + glass bridge is a stunning combination!coupled with the "drift" is enough to make people scared and scared!

But our colleagues are dying to experience it!What a courage!


Just go from drifting boat down to the water park, slowly looked up and saw 90 ° vertical slide!

Look at the height, the Angle.....It's up to our brave men


Next up is the giant loudspeaker -- screaming until you feel your heart in your mouth! But our colleagues are crazy about it!

More than ten times up and down! Be as passionate as a child!


Through this journey,

we found ourselves brave and confident in the face of difficulties and dangers in shanshui lake city, laughing and Shouting.

What's more, we understand that when we work together, we work hard and work hard. When we travel, we play happily together.


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