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Led patch led lamp death light cause

1. Static electricity damages the LED chip, causes failure of the PN junction of the LED chip, increases the leakage current, and becomes a resistance. Static electricity is a devil that causes great harm. The electronic components damaged by static electricity all over the world are countless. Tens of millions of dollars in economic losses. Therefore, it is an important task for the electronics industry to prevent static electricity from damaging electronic components. Enterprises of LED packaging and application must not take it lightly. Any problems in one of the links will cause damage to the LED, which will deteriorate or even degrade the performance of the LED. A good chip or LED, if we take it by hand (the body does not make any protective measures), the result can be imagined, the chip or LED will be damaged to varying degrees, sometimes a good device passes our hand It's strangely broken. This is the scourge of static electricity.

2. Some small businesses use manual welding, use 40 watt ordinary soldering iron, soldering temperature can not be controlled, soldering iron temperature is above 300-400 °C, too high welding temperature will cause dead lights, LED wire at high temperature expansion coefficient than 150 The coefficient of expansion around °C is several times higher, and the internal gold wire solder joints will open the solder joint due to excessive thermal expansion and contraction, causing dead light phenomenon.
3. Analysis of Causes of Dead Lamp Caused by Open Connections of LED Lamp Internal Soldering Joints

4. The packaging company's production process is not complete, and the inspection method for incoming materials is behind, which is the direct cause of LED dead lights.
5. Bracket row LED package is generally used. The bracket row is made of copper or iron metal material through precision die stamping. Because the copper material is more expensive, the cost is naturally high, affected by fierce competition in the market, in order to reduce manufacturing costs, Most of the markets use cold-rolled low-carbon steel to stamp the LED brackets. The iron brackets have to be silvered. The silver plating has two functions. The first is to prevent oxidation rust, the second is to facilitate welding, and the plating quality of the bracket rows. It is very important, it is related to the life of the LED. The treatment before plating should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, rust, degreasing, phosphating and other processes should be meticulous, control the current when plating, the thickness of the silver plating layer should be controlled, The coating is too thick for high cost and too thin for quality. Because the general LED packaging companies do not have the ability to test the plating quality of the stent row, this gives some electroplating companies an opportunity to thin the electroplated stent row silver, reduce costs, the general packaging company IQC on the stent row Due to the lack of inspection tools, there is no instrument for measuring the thickness and the fastness of the stent plating layer, so it is easier to get through. Even if the encapsulated LED is too thin due to the silver plating layer, the adhesion is not strong, and the solder joint and the bracket are detached, causing a dead light phenomenon. This is why the well-used lamp that we encountered is not bright. In fact, the internal solder joint is separated from the bracket.
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