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Yuliang Optoelectronic > News > Company News > Review of the first table tennis competition of Shenzhen Yuliang Optoelectronics in 2021

Review of the first table tennis competition of Shenzhen Yuliang Optoelectronics in 2021

 Shenzhen Yuliang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Activity Rules for the First Table Tennis Competition


First. The purpose of the activity


In order to strengthen the communication between employees and departments of the unit, enhance the friendship between colleagues, and promote the creation of a harmonious cultural atmosphere, this table tennis competition is specially held.


Second, the activity object


  All employees 


Third. Competition time and place 


Competition time: August 21, 2021 15:00-18:00

Competition location: Office on the second floor


Fourth, the rules of the game


1. Competition items: individual table tennis mixed men's and women's matches.  

2. Competition method:  

①Single elimination plus play-offs (five games, three wins and 11 points system) are used in all competitions to determine the top eight;

(Note: This competition system is different from the official competition points system, and a single loop elimination system is implemented.)


Five, competition principles


On the premise of following the rules of the table tennis competition, following the principle of "match second, friendship first", the game will show style and level.


Six, bonus settings~


1. 1 first prize: 600 yuan, 1 second prize: 400 yuan, 1 third prize: 200 yuan

Participation Award: 13 exquisite gifts


Not much to say, let's enjoy the heroic appearance of the contestants together!