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High-paying LED packaging industry elite, sincerely look forward to your joining!

Company Profile: Shenzhen Yuliang Opotoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production, and sales of LED packaging. The main products are SMD LED3014 side light lamp beads, 2735 lamp beads, 3528 lamp beads, 3528 convex head lamp beads, 3535 lamp beads, 5050 lamp beads, 5050RGBW lamp beads, etc., comprehensive production of epistar chip beads, CREE chip lamp beads .

Adhere to the principle of honesty, staff as the source, quality as the head, and customer as the supreme scientific management philosophy. The company has a complete set of management mechanisms for selecting, employing, educating and retaining people, providing each employee with fair and impartial opportunities and providing a broad platform for development!
The company is currently hiring the following positions:
1, foreign trade salesman 5 basic salary + commission monthly salary: 5000 ~ 15000 yuan / month job requirements: Business English or international trade professional; English level 4 or better reading and writing; love foreign trade sales industry; familiar with foreign trade operation process ; LED industry has foreign trade sales experience is preferred.
2、Internal salesman 10 basic salary + commission Comprehensive monthly salary: 4000~12000 yuan/month Qualifications: love the sales industry; strong communication skills; plan to do things; be able to break through self; graduates can be; have LED industry sales experience Is preferred.
3. Comprehensive monthly salary for R&D engineers: 5000~15000 Yuan/month Qualifications: High school education or above; Skilled use of design software such as AutoCAD/Pro/E; Understanding of LED packaging materials and production process; Ability to independently complete product structure design, LED packaging industry more than 3 years of R & D experience.
4, equipment technicians 2 comprehensive monthly salary: 4000 ~ 8000 yuan / month job requirements: high school or above; more than one year work experience; familiar with automatic solid crystal machine, wire bonder, splitter, sealer and other equipment maintenance With maintenance.
5, QC quality control 2 comprehensive monthly salary: 3500 ~ 6,000 yuan / month job requirements: high school and above; more than 1 year QC work experience; have strong team spirit and communication skills; strong sense of responsibility.
6, male and female general workers more than a comprehensive monthly salary: 3000 ~ 8000 yuan / month job requirements: good character, good health, hard-working, practical and willing to learn, abide by the company's factory discipline, can obey the leadership arrangements.
7. Personnel Administration Supervisor 1 Comprehensive monthly salary: 6000~8000 Yuan/month Qualifications: College degree in management, 3 years relevant work experience
8, Art 2 Comprehensive monthly salary: 4000-5000 yuan / month Job requirements: College degree or above; have artistic experience, understand the product shot, can shoot a product image of exquisite and beautiful LED products; Alibaba platform product upload experience is preferred.
9, reserve cadres more than job requirements: have hardships, love to work in the factory; love learning, teamwork.
Company benefits:
1. The company provides accommodation free of charge, and the dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, water heater, 4 people/standard room (flat share of utilities).
2. The company purchased five insurances for its employees, statutory holidays with paid holidays and holiday welfare products, regularly held birthday party for employees and birthday gifts, one annual tourism event, and live activities for the Spring Festival party.
Interview time: Every Monday to Saturday 10:00~11:00 15:00~16:00
Company address: Building A1, Silicon Valley Power Low Carbon Technology Demonstration Park, Guiyue Road, Guanlanzhangge, Shenzhen
Interview process: The company's first floor front desk fills in personal resume -> arrange interview
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